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    The Navy SEALs’ Banned Subgun

    Saw subgun used n Tour of Duty TV serial when unit was with SOG force in serial on H&I Sat PM
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    American Small Arms on the Day of Infamy

    Love 2 rent to shoot these M1919, M1, Tommy gun, BAR, & MC trench shotgun
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    A Second-Generation Springfield — The M1903A3

    Recall CO in the Great Raid movie has a M1903 for his rifle from movie The Great Raid. Found odd when most carried M1 or Tommy guns etc then 1945
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    Long-Range with Springfield Rifles, Through the Ages

    Love to shoot M1 Garand. & then BAR, Mauser, Arsika WW2 rifle, or Rent to shoot
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    Tommy Guns, Fists and Coffee Cups: USS Buckley Repels Nazi Boarders

    Love to see in a docustory on AHC or History Channel alone, Military History Ch No media model for I can think of. Not even Enemy Below 1957
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    The Best SMG of WWII Was Italian? The Model 38A

    Love to rent to shoot & own IF have ammo for around
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    Going Full-Auto with an Italian .308

    Love 2 rent 1 to shoot looks awesome
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    Coolest Movie Guns of the ’80s

    & the guns from TV serial MIami Vice
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    Taking the Pig for a Walk: History of the M60

    Love to shoot 1 in Vegas someplace or outdoors remote locale looks like fun
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    The M1903 Springfield Rifle

    Recall being issued in Navy Boot camp for 1975 use Basic Boot, San Diego CA
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    Germany’s Secret Submachine Gun: The MP34

    any around to rent in Vegas , other aside Buy a Repo model ?
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    M3 Grease Gun in the Cold War & Beyond

    Any to rent in Vegas, love to shoot one , already shot MP 40, & recall gun Dirty Dozen & other movies since then
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    The Navy SEALs’ Banned Subgun

    Does any Vegas gun range have any to rent to shoot??
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    Air Assault Rifle: Germany’s Fabled FG42

    Love to shoot one, any for rental in Vegas gun stores with active ranges & many other guns too
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    Garbage Gun of the British Empire

    Love to shoot one along with these : MP38, MP44, Mauser rifle, M1 carbine, M1, Tommy gun, Sterling SMG, Enfield, Lugar Walter, Japanese made submachine gun & rifle, ( gun range rentals)