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Welcome to the forum. You can post the pics in the "Guns" section of the forum to get more views. Most don’t look at profile posts.
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Capt. Steve1953
Afternoon Guys, we'll, it looks like the F-N ATF are getting there way. I have Short Barrel Rifle. Can help me with selecting a Springfield Barrel 16 " to replace the Short Barrel.
1.) Where to buy? 2) Possible a phone number? 3) Model number of replacement barrel if possible. Gas rod, barrel shroud.....everything I'm going to need to stay legal.
Thank you all.
Capt. Steve (Merchant Mariner)
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@true_precision_inc TiN TP-SHCPB-XG barrel


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Just bought me a HellCat pro just looking for some accessories if anyone has any ideas. I wish they would make a laser grip that's green I have one for my Springfield 1911 why not that hellcat , or even one for my 911 9mm. But I really love the HellCat I really do.and I would love some feed back on what I can look at that would go with it. Thank Springfield armory family. Y'all have a awesome weekend.