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Still new to Forums. I asked about optic cuts on my Ronin EMP with no responses. Did I post correctly? I have optics on most of my handguns due to 75 yr old eyes. I really like the Ronin and would carry with an optic. Who does the best slide cuts?
Greg, I suggest you reenter your question by starting a new thread. If you go up top to where it says "HOME" and click on that, you'll see a tab that say "Post Thread". Add a title and more info underneath. You'll get a lot more views and someone will most likely respond to you. Good Luck.
Howdy, just checking in to see what's up with other Springer owners and check out the articles. Currently own a Saint Victor 223/5.56 and a Hellcat 9mm and a few others. Long time fan of Springfield, only about 40 miles from the factory. Just purchased the St Vic, and of course it ended up being a week or so before the gear up bonus! Oh well, such is life. Good to be here!