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I retired from LEO after 38 years. Iwas a collateral-duty FI for 17 years. I started shooting competition with the KYARNG, went to PPC, then shot IPSC, bowling pin matches, and cowboy action shooting. I've been a gun writer since 1983 and have written some 480 articles. I maintain a Facebook page called THE FIRING PEN.
New owner of a Saint Victor .308 pistol, and still maintain my 1911 'Loaded' for personal carry. Former owner of Colt AR-15, close-quarter combat 12 gauge, class III MAC-10 and a variety of handguns. Am trying to re-familiarize myself with this bolt-action AR style pistol, as it's been 20 years since owning my Colt AR, and 45 years since qualifying with my M-16 at Fort Jackson.