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    Hellcat Mag Ejects in Holster

    It happens to me on a rare occasion regardless of holster type used. I discovered it's my fat pressing it. I can reproduce it if I try hard enough. I'm curious if this happens to the skinny guys.
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    Holosun HS507K using CHPWS adapter

    It works so well, I ordered 2nd for my other Hellcat; has a low co-witness.
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    Anyone familiar with ArmaLaser?

    Did you buy it? If so, how well do you like it?
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    Recommendations wanted for red dots with magnifiers that fit Saint Pistols

    I wanted a red dot with a magnifier for close quarters with a little distance assistance that can that fit my new Saint Edge Pistol. LPVOs are just too long for it. I reviewed several items online and in person. What have you used that you recommend? Large closed red dot: I want a red dot with...
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    What Is the Best Gun Barrel Material?

    I've fantasized about a pistol sized rail gun. You know someone, somewhere is working on it.
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    Gun Safes

    @ddeuce22, I've started shopping too. The safe reviewers online reminded me of an important point regarding choices: "...all you're doing with a safe is buying time. You're putting money on the ground to make a hard target stressful and is cumbersome and the highest risk of getting...
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    What Is the Best Gun Barrel Material?

    So...no adamantium? ;) @BobM, thanks for posting this. I've been compiling as much information for my first Semi Auto rifle purchase.
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    Need advice for first Saint model type rifle purchase

    Do you think that's a sign of low sales or a different reason?
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    Need advice for first Saint model type rifle purchase

    I’ve been so pleased with my new pair of Springfield Hellcats, I’m considering buying a Springfield Saint model type rifle but I’m a little concerned based on a review of the Saint Victor continuously jamming: . Does anyone have a Victor or any other Saint model that can share their experience...
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    Help me find a gun

    Grumps, in case you're near South East Denver, I just sold my Canik TP9 Elite Combat to the Centennial Gun Club. Vortex Viper mounted, 3 extra mags.
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    Best compacts for EDC

    Thanks for mentioning that. I forgot Sig sold an extend 15 round magazine: https://gunmagwarehouse.com/blog/sigs-new-extended-p365-mags-ready-to-ship/
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    Best compacts for EDC

    Another new reason for the Hellcat today - they just release their 15 capacity magazines: https://store.springfield-armory.com/Shop/pc/HELLCAT-15-ROUND-MAGAZINE-9MM-280p2446.htm Sig’s 365 series are still currently limited to 12 regardless of accusing Springfield of “Magazine Patent...
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    What's your recommendation for a Micro Red Dot/Optic on your EDC pistol?

    Crossbreed posted an article about how good the Holosun 507K is a good choice. https://www.crossbreedholsters.com/blog/the-holosun-507k-the-sig-p365s-best-red-dot/ "THE HOLOSUN 507K - THE SIG P365'S BEST RED DOT"
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    I love this holster design!
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    Best compacts for EDC

    I would have bought the XD-M Elite Compact instead of the Hellcats if I could have found them but still might later.