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    Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

    My Hexwasp came as part of the Hellcat RDP package. It's been replaced once after I dropped it and the glass cracked. Awesome, they replaced it. Last week it stopped working. I figured it was the battery. Took the battery out and a small metal part dropped onto the work surface. After...
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    Oh Boy.....Newbie on the range!

    No one here can't say they were never a newbie. My time was my first summer in Boy Scout camp using a single shot bolt action .22 rifle. That got me hooked...and an NRA marksman medal/award that summer Today, I was checking in at the range, and an exuberant older man comes to the range counter...
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    Gear-up bag Bait and Switch?

    I dunno. I buy firearms for the firearms, not the promotionals. A promotional is an advertising gimmick to try to move inventory. 3 mags...those seem nice, but not a deal breaker for me. I've gotten those folios before (Springfield XDM Elite...I think?). I don't use them. They stay in the box...
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    Zoning and Gun Ranges

    Great discussion and good points. I was thinking about this problem from two points of view: First, the constitution. When someone owns real estate, they own it subject to: police power, eminent domain, taxation, and escheat. Police power mean the state has the power to regulate property use...
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    Zoning and Gun Ranges

    Before posting this, I did a search of the forum for this issue, but did not see it. That said....what are your thoughts on the possible implications of Bruen on local government zoning regulations prohibiting gun ranges? I have my thoughts...let's hear yours. Remember the rules, please keep...
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    SCOTUS vacates ruling that upheld Massachusetts gun control law

    So their law forbids nonviolent misdemeanor offenders from purchasing a firearm?!?! So, lets say some 18 year old gets in trouble for drinking alcohol while underage (not DUI though). Or someone accidently bounces a check and is prosecuted. That person can't EVER buy a firearm in...
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    New UPS Policy Requires Unlimited Access To Firearms Shipper Books

    The issue has to do with impact of overhead on the seller's profit. By making a deal with 1 shipper for their exclusive rights, they lock in lower shipping costs. In some cases, they have agreement with multiple shippers where they get similar discounts for certain class of service, hence next...
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    13-year-old boy trying to break into Kia shot by concealed carry license holder

    In the category of you can't make this stuff up: I got the same deal with eyeglass cleaner at Costco: 2 bottles of cleaner. Free refills in a dispenser in the eyeglass department. Refilled my bottles for years. Then all of the sudden, the dispensers vanish. Turns out someone tried to fill their...
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    New holster

    I like that look. I've started browsing and will see what I might like.
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    Colion Noir

    Good interview.
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    How to Distinguish Clips from Magazines

    When I was young, I had to hide my magazines from my mother. She told me I would go blind. And it had nothing to do shooting my eye out!
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    308saint victor BCG ware

    It's wearing on something in there, so probably check those areas as well to see if there are any obvious defects/damage.
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    Springfield Stingy With Spare Parts?

    Did you ever web search "spare parts for springfield hellcat"? Admittedly, a lot of what's out there are upgrades/mods, but if you look hard enough, I think you can find what you are looking for. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/springfield-armory-hellcat/parts.html
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    Springfield Stingy With Spare Parts?

    Why buy spare parts when Springfield gives you a warranty for the gun for as long as you own it?
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    concealed or open carrie?

    9 on the left, .45 on the right