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    Hellion Available

    I'd rather spend the scratch on another gun on my bucket list...the Dessert Eagle 50!
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    Holster t-shirt for CCW?

    I'm up for trying something new, but I think I'll just stick with what works...my crucial concealment IWB. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Holster t-shirt for CCW?

    So, this ad showed up on my FB feed. Looks like a great concept, except....I'm not sure how well this wears/holds up over time vs. a traditional shoulder holster. In addition, I've never heard of this company, and the website has no physical address, just an email address. So that alone sends up...
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    Red dots and the choices you made

    I have a Hellcat RDP, so that came with the Hex Wasp. Not bad. It works. For my Saint, I have a Romeo 5. I recently added the Juliet 4 magnifier. Good concept, except my astigmatism doesn't play well with the magnifier. I get a "comet" effect of 5-6 dots. I've heard people with astigmatism have...
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    Who said there's a ammo shortage ?

    Like a lot of commodities, it's all hit or miss depending on the product and where you live. For weeks, I was wanting to make biscuits with sausage gravy for my family for breakfast and for the life of me could not find those Jimmy Dean sausage chubs in any of the local stores. Then 2 weeks ago...
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    Beyond Comprehension

    I think that most young farmers who drive farm vehicles have a level of work ethic and responsibility that reduces the risk of bad outcomes on the road. In terms of the shortages in other areas you mention, I think using age as the sole benchmark of responsibility is not correct....it's just the...
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    Who said there's a ammo shortage ?

    Ammo and gasoline price economics are similar....when something disrupts supply or increases demand, consumer prices "rocket" up, but when the supply/demand curves go back in equilibrium, consumer prices fall like a "feather". Have to say, my confidence is low that we will ever see previous ammo...
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    Agreed, 50 states, territories, DC and the feds, not to mention the occasional local government laws. Too much to keep track of. For personal information when travelling, I just use the free USCCA map app.
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    compensator on RDP HellCat

    The process is not that intuitive. I had to get the manual out my first time.
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    To be honest, if that's the bill I'm thinking of in Virginia, it was to crack down on filed off serial numbers on firearms. It really doesn't have anything to do with the right to bear arms. IMHO, I wouldn't consider that an anti-gun law. Other people may disagree with me, and that's OK. I can't...
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    Coolest gun moment in a movie

    I'm going old school here....The Godfather. Leave the gun, take the cannoli. Also the scene where Michael is in the restaurant when he takes care of Sollozo and McCluskey.
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    Looking For Information On Older Konica Minolta Cameras

    1. Make sure you are using an SD card. A more recent card in an SD adapter should work, but may not. You never know. 2. That's a 5 megapixel camera, so a 1 gb card would hold 400 pictures on average. I don't think the size of the card should matter too much. The 512 mg card you ordered would...
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    CLP, Oil, Or Grease? Which do you use and on what guns, and when/why?

    M-pro 7 cleaner, copper cleaner (no smell) and oil for most, Breakfree CLP for quick touch ups in the field. For my shotgun (Stoeger M3500 sporting), M-pro cleaner and Remoil (no, I don't use boiling water to clean the shotgun parts like they guy in the one video on-line). Why? It's what gets...
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    Concealed Carry Corner: How To Carry Without A Belt

    Me either. However, I think you could make a home-made belly band with duct tape. Added bonus...you get a free wax job when you take it off!
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    Dishonest and sneaky “gun control” measures in omnibus spending bill

    Not to be contrary as a relative newcomer here, but I'm one of those people who likes to "see the math". So, I read the pertinent sections of the actual bill and I feel the bearingarms.com article has errors, for example, they say "Some of the provisions include the prosecution and criminal...