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    FBI agent got carjacked

    That's funny 😁 That's funny :poop: right there
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    Hellcat Micro OSP FDE w/ Manual Safety?

    Safety......I don't need stinky safety
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    Big Brother is getting help

    That's nothing. I own a Show 5 with Alexa. She is AI to the max. Big brother has been listening and watching for years. Why do you think they put cameras on laptops? THINK AGAIN !!
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    Will the AR pistols make a return?

    To uspatriot1960...side bar if I may I am very interest in buying or building such as the example you stated about purchasing an upper, a lower and a barrel length I disere. My issue is the more I read the more confused I get. Do this,do that, don't do this, don't do that. Everyone has their...
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    Disfunction at it's best

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    XDM ELITE, Free Mags And A Range Bag

    Vango2000, IMO you are correct. Back in July 2022 I contributed to almost the same post about the Gear Up promo when the Hellcat Pro was introduced. At that time there were many comments about the "bait and switch" range bag as it wasn't even close to the picture that was posted. Side bar...
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    Public Service Anoncement

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    New to posting

    Hey. I resemble that remark ! Welcome to the forum. great people, great knowledge, along with acouple of nuts. Don't worry, everyone has one or two maybe even three.
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    What the fog….

    Tough times call for tough measures.
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    Springfield owners manuals…..

    There's a easier way.....just ask Alexa....she knows everything
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    Nonlethal Tools

    Let's not forget Byrna. It's worth a look if your inclined to save a life instead of taking one. To each his own. www.Byrna.com
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    Hydro Dippin...Any thoughts, suggestions or comments welcome

    I've seen almost everything Hydro dipped. Maybe start a side kick business.
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    Anyone with technology issues?

    Back in the old days (late 70's/80's) my 2 children were just entering grade school. At that time Apple an Dell were in major competition with each other. When Dell would (award) teachers a electronic teaching aid, 🍎 (Mac) would answer that with Mac books. Each year Apple would up their game...
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    Anyone with technology issues?

    "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."