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    Which CCW Insurance Program?

    To quote Joe Friday. "just the facts ma'am"
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    Which CCW Insurance Program?

    I'm interested in researching their plans, however I don't understand why they need my email address to start with. Just kidding, I know why they want my email.........no thank you.
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    The 6 Best Handguns From Turkey

    I agree with KF1977. You get what you pay for......and you don't get what you don't pay for. Quality trumps price all the time, especially when your counting on something that could save your life.
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    Sadly Disappointing

    Thanks Bob...I'm computer literate and searched many options before posting. I appreciate the vast knowledge that most members have and their precipitation in offering help to all.
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    Sadly Disappointing

    I appreciate all your comments and help. I'm gonna reach out to SA CS tomorrow I want to do this "right" and "once". Thanks again
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    Sadly Disappointing

    Just purchased a XDS Mod 2 OSP 9mm. In the box was a CTS 1500. "Product Installation And Mounting. The CTS-1500 series sight is compatible with most accessories and interfaces based on the pattern shown below. It is recommended that an experienced gun smith verify this products fit prior to...
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    FYI Winchester Ammo recall

    9mm, 45, 38, 22 and ample inventory of most rifle ammo. 380 ( I'm very low) was only available in bulk pack 500 and I didn't want to take the chance that my Glock 42 would like it. Prices are abit elevated but supply trumps price for me.
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    FYI Winchester Ammo recall

    It just so happened that I was in Cabela's on Friday hoping to purchase the XDM-E OSP 9mm. The show cases were 80% full of all major manufacturers. Very different from my visit 2 months previous. I held it and to my dismay I did not like the grip or weight and asked to see the XDS Mod 2 9mm. I...
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    I was in Cabela's just a few weeks ago. 25 feet inside the lobby was a large display of Black Rifle Coffee touting veteran owned which caught my eye. I purchased 2 bags of beans as I admit am a coffeeholic. I also have great respect for the 1st amendment. Evan Hafer has every right to donate to...
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    Smith and Wesson is moving

    Hello Keystone.......opportunity is knocking. Just saying
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    How Relationships Affect What Happens and What You Hear and Read

    Holy :poop: That explains everything !! Thanks Chance. I hope you don't mind that I re-posted that EVERYWHERE.
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    Properly mounting red dot sights

    I appreciate your knowledge BobM ! Next time I won't get screwed. (I had to go there)
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    Properly mounting red dot sights

    I'm familiar with different grade of bolts and torque specs, ( I built many high performance engines) however, are tiny screws graded also? I agree with Tex, MORE is almost ALWAYS better than not enough. IMO You get the point....more beer, more steak, more fun, etc.etc
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    What's Your EDC, PLEASE VOTE

    What's your EDC, Please vote
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    An opportunity Of A Lifetime Or A Logistical Nightmare And Bust

    Before I retired I learned a very very important lesson. Hire ability Before aptitude.