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    I want to cry...

    Wannabe, 1. With all due respect, it's NONE of your business. 2. I agree with WI. I've hired then fired the same in less than a week. 3. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
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    1911 Garrison shooting low and left

    I had the same issue with my shield plus...low & left, low & left it became very frustrating after 300 rounds. An RSO suggested that I change my total grip. I played with different purchases finally arriving at a unorthodox grip (for me). It was a game changer.
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    Has anyone done dealings on the Springfield Forum classifieds?

    No sales or transactions allowed on the site, firearms or otherwise.
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    Ear Pro

    There's a gentleman at my range that just purchased the Sig Sauer Axil GS Extreme and loves them. A little pricy but he said if you check around you can find them for under $150.00. In the ear protection not around the ear. Hope this helps.
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    Off To The Doctor Today

    All the best Keystone !!
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    Off To The Doctor Today

    Been there, done that. My surgeon was an expert in arthroscopic surgery. He said "in and out in hour an a half". 3.7 hours later I'm in recovery. (Doc said "much more work then x-rays showed".) I went home on happy pills.i digress. Side bar....my son in law is a physical therapist. When I opened...
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    IWB or OWB, KYDEX or LEATHER ? Please vote

    David N. Would/Can you please repair, as I can not edit my error. Thanks in advance.
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    Long Awaited Shiloh Sharps .45-70 Arrived

    Breathtaking.....I need it.....name your price
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    IWB or OWB, KYDEX or LEATHER ? Please vote

    IWB or OWB, KYDEX or LEATHER ? Please vote
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    Who said there's a ammo shortage ?

    8K exactly
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    Who said there's a ammo shortage ?

    14,000 rounds gone in 3 hours, one buyer
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    Watch your footing. It’s could be a long drop.

    Been there, done that years ago installing an attic fan. Did a perfect split between the rafters. Funny now, but it wasn't funny then. Get well soon and stay out of the attic !!
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    Issues with XDS - Pin above trigger walking out

    I own 2 XDS'S....would you please define exact model. Thanks in advance.
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    An important message from MidwayUSA Dear Valued Customer, Thanks to you, we’ve experienced tremendous growth in our business volume and number of products we offer. A couple of years ago, we projected we’d soon be out of space, so we started the largest project in company...