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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    which ammo did you run through it?
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    have you looked at the XDM Elite 9mm 3.8 yet? it has a great feel to it and is backed by one of the greatest manufactures IMHO.
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    One of the greatest musicians passed away today....Eddie Van Halen

    He was definitely a legend that will be missed. R.I.P Eddie
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    Vice President Debate Should Acknowledge Harris Radicalism on the Second Amendment

    Not seeing anything about the 2nd amendment here guys.
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    😂😏Jokes 2.0🧐🤣

    Omg I hate these things. The town in in has 3 big Walmart’s and 4 neighborhood markets. There is only 5 actual registers in each store the rest are the stupid automated check outs. I refuse to use them.
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    Question on likes and such

    Your not alone bud. Happens to me all the time. Been happening lately with watch’s. It’s like (I know I turned notifications on for that post 🧐🤔. Oh well I’ll turn them on again). Definitely think @Louis G. might need to look into these issues. I’ll let him know.
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    Vaultek Rifle Safes

    So scrolling along on Facebook and there is an ad from Vaultek. It’s a smart safe with multiple user interface and WiFi capability. The RS500i only runs around $1300 and has 4 different ways to get in. Keys, numeric keypad, biometric & a smart key. Looks very interesting I wonder if I might be...
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    Component Shortages

    With the shortage of supplies I wonder how long before the industry finds good reliable alternatives.
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    How to field dress a game bird

    Question on this when it comes to Dove 🕊. Growing up when we would field dress our dove we had to clean and leave one wing attached and visible (Fish & Game regulation). As Dove is the only birds I’ve hunted is this a practice all of you have to do? And does this have to be done with all birds?
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    Leupold Mark 4s

    Waiting to get my Mark 5 back. Springfield currently has it with my rifle. I really like the Leupold products.
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    Single stack .45 ACP magazine IWB / OWB best recommendations for the range belt?

    There are several that come to mind just depends what material your wanting and how you want to carry it.
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    M1A mag markings

    The one I got that came with my M1A did have the Springfield stamp. However the “Springfield” Mag I bought afterwards from my LGS did not.
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    Damn ticks

    Learn something new everyday on this forum. 🤓 would’ve never knew those helped against ticks.
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    Have Legally Owned Automatic Weapons Been Used in Crime?

    That really doesn’t surprise me. The Length people have to go through to get a class III firearm I doubt anyone would want to lose that. Not to mention it’s really hard to get a full auto even with the license. So I don’t see many if any criminals getting their hands on one.
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    What you type & where.

    Tensions are high I get that and even I get caught up in it some times. No one is perfect.