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    Did You Know — Why Dot and Circle Reticles Rock?

    I have the same Holosun 507k on one Sig and a Holosun 407k on the other Sig- I also like the same 2 moa dot over the outline red- I use the 407 on the pistol I keep by the bed set on low-6 moa works more for me in the night- The 507k sits on my daytime carry-
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    Emp ccc 4 inch .

    Midwest Gunworks carries the important parts like firing pins,extractors, and some of the replacement springs-also a call to Springfield will work- I have replacement parts for both the EMP's-first thing I do after purchasing a pistol is also procure some of the more common parts-
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    Review: EMP Concealed Carry Contour 9mm

    I have an EMP4-40 and the EMP3-40 and have zero problems from either of mine- I wish I could have found the Contour carry in .40 S&W before Springfield discontinued it-
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    Reliable red dot sight for EDC on an XDS mod2 osp 45acp

    507K all the way-nicest red dot I have used with the features like shake awake- sighting the pistol was very easy with nice click feature on adjustments-
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    Leather holster

    I have carried everything from Kimber's to Springfields cocked and locked in a open top holster and had no problems with the safety getting flicked down-it's a none problem in my opinion- There is a thumb safety and grip safety and the safety between the ears-how many more is needed- It would...
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    Shooting with a red dot on my new EDC...

    This year I also decided to try a dot sight and bought a Sig P365X with the Sig Romeo Zero installed- I am 63 and have never shot this good-I think I have been missing the boat for a long time now- I now have 2 Sig's and installed a Vortex Venom on one of my Kimbers-
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    Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster Review

    it's really not-I can wear it under a light jacket without tie-downs- Easy on and off in the cooler weather-
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    Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster Review

    I have their Cloak Tuck in the shoulder holster-I like this for the cooler time of year worn under a jacket- Their rig takes a little messing with to get adjusted-but once your done it wears comfortably without tie downs even- What is really a benefit is the ability to change the firearm...
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    P365 XL makes me think of a song

    These are some of my first targets with the Holosun-7 yards
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    P365 XL makes me think of a song

    Well-I did say in a weird kinda way-🤪
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    P365 XL makes me think of a song

    Pretty they are-in a weird kinda way-
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    Review: Rock Island Armory 10mm 1911 FS Pistol

    I like mine-great accuracy with 180gr Berrys Plated and Alliant 2400
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    Short term impressions of the Sig P365 XL

    I also have the same thoughts- Very easily carried and shootable -
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    My new loading shop!

    I have used a Frankfurt Arsenal portable stand with a Lee 4 Hole Turret-a RCBS Uniflow Measure and a Lyman case trimmer attached- 10 years of using it this way and still going-
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    Urgent Action on H.R. 8

    Kinda scary that these politicians can take us for granted-nothing more vile than a crooked politician-