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    Hellcat RDP

    Ordered mine the day it was announced, waiting patiently. I think I know every YouTube review by memory...🤪
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    Hellcat RDP Review: Rapid Response 9mm

    Has anyone heard of a release date? Patiently waiting for my new pocket rocket ;-)
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    Bravo Concealment BCA 3.0 OWB Hellcat Holster Review

    Looks great. Will Bravo make one for the RDP?
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    HEX Optics: A High-Tech Swarm

    Would the WASP fit a Walther PDP or should I consider the Dragonfly? Thank you.
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    Hellcat RDP Review: Rapid Response 9mm

    Will the Vaultek LifePod that's shown on the new Hellcat image background be sold to the public? I want one bad! Thanks!
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    Hellcat RDP Review: Rapid Response 9mm

    Had to get one, this is the coolest stock CC I've ever seen.
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    Irons vs. Optics for CCW: Which Should I Use?

    Just to help correct a small spelling mistake. Text beneath the XD-S image. “Not the removable cover plate atop the slide.” should be “Note”. Thank you for the article. The blog and the forum are excellent resources.
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    Does anyone carry the XDE

    Purchased the 3.8 yesterday. Will be my everyday carry. Love the flexible safety options, intentional double action sold me and I love how this gun feels in my hand. Craftsmanship is outstanding. Looking for a holster if anyone has a tip. I’ll check out the Crossbreed as referenced here.
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    Holsters for the XD-E 3.8

    I’ve found several for the 3.3 but no luck yet for my 3.8 XD-E. Looking for an IWB similar to the Tulster Profile or Oath. Tulster mentioned their 3.3 won’t work. Any tips greatly appreciated!
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    M&P EZ Recall

    I used their Serial # recall verification tool and came up positive. Printed the FedEx prepaid label & sent it in. Hopefully all gets resolved. I really enjoy my M&P. My other firearm is the XD-E 9mm 3.8