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    Reloading 101: Do NOT Do These Things

    One of my things I always do. I use painters tape to write the powder and charge weight on my Dillon powder hopper. It's just too easy to forget after a few months what I was loading 6months ago. I also double check about every 10-15 the actual powder weight on my RCBS scale. I've not had my...
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    What would you recommend to a non-gun person for concealed carry?

    First thing is some training and handling many different types of handguns. I can't tell you how many times I've heard this "Why does it need to be so heavy" "I'll never carry it it's too heavy" First timers can have unrealistic expectations. Many times I've taken newbies shooting and I take all...
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    XDM .45

    Did you change the back strap?
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    Allen West to Oust Lapierre?

    Wouldn't it be nice if they sent every member a no confidence/ confidence ballot for just WLP. I'm sure there are many members who have lost confidence in his leadership. The only way for him to stay would be an overwhelming confidence vote. If it's even close to a 50/50 he's gone...TODAY!
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    Allen West to Oust Lapierre?

    Best news I've heard in a long time. I hope it happens. My membership was up in February, the NRA has sent about 15 letters begging for me to renew my membership. Each one more desperate (in my eyes) than the previous. On each one I wrote that until Wayne was ousted I couldn't continue to...
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    Fuel, the next shortage

    Yep my brother in Texas not only sent pictures of that he also drive across the border into Mexico and showed the grocery stores shelves stocked to the brim.
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    Smoke ’Em If You Got ’Em: Peters Paper Shells Are Back

    I found a 5lb coffee can full of live 16ga paper shells. I've had them for 30yrs now I'm sure they're a heck of alot older than 40-50 yrs.
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    XDM Elite Compact 10MM

    One thing to be aware of is that some 10mm come with large pistol primers and others are small pistol primers. IIRC Hornady is small PP. Locally I've been blessed with a great selection of 10mm ammo. Most are running $25 for 50rds. I will state my XD-m Elite LOVES the Browning X-point rounds...
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    Hard Cast Bullets Through A Glock?

    Polygonal rifling seals the bullets in the bore much better than lands and groove rifling. You should never shoot lead projectiles through them. I once shot lead SWC .45acp cartridges in my HK USP .45. Thank god that the HK is built like an EF5 storm shelter or my gun may have grenaded like the...
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    Californians Are Running Out of Handguns the State Will Allow Them to Purchase (Legally)

    Wouldn't be nice if the firearms manufacturers just said NO! No we will no longer allow our firearms to be sold in your state due to excessive regulations. No we will no longer sell to your LEO due to excessive regulations. Instead they bend over to follow the states anti-second amendment...
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    New NGSW. 6.8mm (.277 Fury) Would you buy it ??

    I'd love to shoot a rifle in the caliber, I'm in no hurry to get a firearm chambered in said caliber.
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    Feeling a Little Guilty about Grip Switch

    My 640 .357mag came with the 2 finger rubber boot grip. It's a handful with those grips. I switched them out for something similar to these. Much much better control of this little handful of power. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325015192788?epid=7021689572&hash=item4bac6a44d4:g:FEoAAOSwL29h7~2d
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    XDM 10mm load

    I didn't shoot Buffalo Bore ammo itself, I shoot shoot another companies "Bear" load. Hardcast flat nosed lead, no problem shot fine. Had a harder push into the palm but not uncomfortable for me.
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    For those who own m1a's

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    For those who own m1a's

    Hans, The PTR still has used HK trigger groups with the exception the hammer is stamped PTR. The bolt carrier is used HK, all furniture is used HK, some still with German arsenal numbers painted on buttstock. PTR makes the barrel, bolt head and hammer all the rest is used HK. At least that is my...