5.56 vs. 300 BLK: Which Do You Need?


There's YouTube video of a couple guys pushing the range on a 300BLK. I think it had a 10.5" barrel.

At 600 yds, he could occasionally hit the target, and he was prone with a rest shooting supersonics.

Yeah, I love 300BLK, but I roll my eyes at anything over 400 yds, realistically. I build my pistols with the assumption that I'll be shooting less than 50 yds in any real world scenario, and 200 yds if the zombies come to my home to collect their free stuff.

If I'm at the range and decide to try some distance shots, I'll be giddy if I could ring steel out to 300 yds with much consistency.
I usually go out too 200 with 8.5" barrel. The bullets ae 110-135gr, so that makes it easier.


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I have no need for a 300 Blk.

IMO it's a niche round that works well within its range limitations.

I can do whatever I need within the 300 Blk effective range with a 5.56.
Hey that's fine.... not gonna start one of those what's better wars!! :ROFLMAO:
I'd rather sweep through the house at two in the morning with the 300 BO
loaded with a 240gr nice slow and heavy bullet. It's one of those times I prefer
a RAM to a Ferrari......(y)