Apex Tactical SA-35 Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

Other than changing the grips, I'm perfectly happy with my SA-35 as is.
The trigger kit is up to you. But, the standard hammer and trigger work fine for me. Besides, I have several Hi-Powers and I'd like to keep them all close to the same.
I don't like the mag-well at all. If you install it you MUST use Apex's grips and mags. That's a lot of extra money. Again, I have several Hi-Powers and its nice to be able to use the same mags with any of them. Besides, with the tapered top of a Hi-Power mag, a mag-well isn't needed.
Feel free to do whatever you want to your gun. But, to me, this is a waste of money. :rolleyes:
Apex makes good gear, my EDC has one of their triggers in it.
I might give their SA-35 trigger a look, couldn't hurt......