Best concealed carry hostlers? Preferably the waist band

True story bro, I've never seen anybody change their mind because of something I said on the internet and I don't expect that to change now.

Having said that I will never use a SERPA holster. I really don't see any reason why I should give and I can get a reasonably inexpensive Safariland I have a reasonably inexpensive Safariland
That covers the exact same space for, I'm sure, comparable price
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Fair enough, nice holster!
I just recently bought my first firearm. Bought a XD-9 subcompact do plan on conceal carrying therefore I’d like to hear your personal suggestions on what has worked best with you guys. I’m still pretty new to gun knowledge and learn things everyday. thanks
Well I'm old and started carrying in the 50s so what I am going to say I would bet money that there will be many say the same thing. I have bought holsters traded holsters and thrown several away because what the sales pitch said was not really true and in that time period there were failures and ones I would only grab because it was handy. In todays world I can't afford a new holster so not in my play book but I have one I can't replace and that't a Milt Sparks, my summer special can no longer be used for my XD-45 and the 1911 holster is in same condition and the wait time may be longer than I have left. I have a Blackhawk that is a grab and go for my Springer but size of it my Nelson out of South Carolina IWB my the big boy disappear and is comfortable all day long. It has been with me many years but I am pretty sure you are going to be like the rest of us with drawers and boxes with holsters for guns you don't have, its a big club. Right now I am using a Jackass rig for my 1911 as my wife has doctor appts and I do shopping pick up meds so with driving and getting gear in and out of car that is my main carry right now because of todays world I need the quick access to my 1911 no matter what is on the menue.
mY Urban Carry LockLeather holstess