Biden Administration to Close 'Gun Show Loophole'

There IS no "gun show loophole," it's a complete myth.

Most sellers at gun shows are FFL holders and have to conduct their bidness exactly as if they were in their store. There's no such thing as an "unlicensed dealer." There IS a federal felony called "Engaging in the business without a license" and you can go away for a long time for it. The problem is there's never been any statutory definition of what that means. You can sell 6 or 8 guns a month from a rented table at a gun show and that be considered "occasional sales from a private collection" (legal) Or your local ATF guy could have a hair up his or her ass that day and bust you for selling ONE gun, especially if you got $1 more for it (profit) than you paid for it back when gas was under 50 cents a gallon. This is called "Rule of Men," not Rule of Law, and it's one of the definitions of Tyranny. :mad:
The NRA has issued a statement on this regulation-

I dont have time to read 466 pages. How does this affect the average person? Can I still sell from my collection on Gunbroker and take it to Licensed FFL to complete the transaction? Or do I now have to obtain and FFL to sell down my collection?
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I am continually amazed that our elected representatives in Congress allow the administration to violate the laws of this country by executive fiat. All I see in opposition are people beating their gums and asking for money.