Bought a used Range Officer today

Stainless model with fiber optic front sight. No box or extra mags. Priced under $600. I'll pick it up when my license comes in a week or so. I was surprised a few days ago to find I was carrying an expired license. Oops. Looking forward to shooting it.
In .45ACP presumably. By any chance do you handload?
My reason for asking is that as a handloader of 40 years now & have or had a number of 1911's, the chamber dimensions seem quite a bit tighter than on Colts, Kimbers, even an old Star PD.
I find that it takes quite a bit of crimp to get them to chamber easily, determined by repeat "plunk" testing. So much so that a very soft brass, like some Aguila, will collapse and buckle when nothing else does.
I've owned it from new.