Coolest Movie Knives of All Time

Not sure if coolest but I’ve always liked the Gerber Mark ii which is carried by the winter soldier in captain America the winter soldier. I’m sure in many other movies that’s just recent one that comes to mind.

While not a movie the ka bar carried by the punisher (Netflix series) as well as Daryl Dixon knife from walking dead. According to google is a busse team Gemini, no idea though.
The antler handled Bowie knife from Seraphim Falls with Peirce Brosnan and Liam Neeson. The knife was the co-star of the film...
Dolph Lungren's character "Gunner" from Expendables carries a big shiny version of a Marine Raider V-44 Bowie. I give Hibben credit for making a better version of a classic. These raider knives go back to the American Revolution, likely adapted bowie knives which over time grew in size. The V-44 was WWII era I believe. The character Gunner's knife is significantly larger than a V-44.

The Marine Raider was a boarding specialist that dates back to the need to take ships around the American Revolution era. These were very tough sailors who had skills in boarding enemy and commercial vessels. This led to what we know today as Marine Corps Raiders. I have seen paintings of raiders with big knives, you would want something big to give you some reach on your enemy. They typically had a rifle with a bayonet attachment, cutlass, hatchet, pistol, and big knife. I would guess hatchets or tomahawks were likely more common than Raider knives originally. After your one or two shots, you had to switch to a blade.

I'm a former sailor who had expertise in VBSS. When we worked the high seas we often had a SEAL team attached to us, so I would go in with the team and assist and collect and document evidence etc. One command I served with had Marine Raiders attached to us for the duration of a deployment. So I would conduct VBSS with the Raiders. I used to eat and workout with the teams and raiders. Our naval SSEWS VBSS teams could also board without assistance, I did a number of boardings without SOF assistance. I was an operator, liaison, and mission planner. We didn't have a anti-piracy command at the time, and I actually wrote one of the first SOP's for VBSS mission planning practices as an E4. We used M9 pistols, shotguns of various types, and MP5/MP5SD and various launchers for enemy divers. We have M14 on over-watch, M60 LMG, and MK77 gatling guns.

Eventually the Raiders became MARSOC. We had green teams and specialist SEAL team raiders. The Raiders carried Camillius MCFK's in D2 and various other knives depending on preference. The SEAL teams had various knives form SOG's to Winklers, to custom titanium dive knives. I purchased a Mk3 mod 0 for myself: but the naval officers would often whine about having a big knife on my person, so I stopped carrying it until I transferred to a combat role at which point I carried it 100% of the time and still had several officers complain. Apparently some naval officers forget that combat occasionally involves violence: and opening and prying stuff in the field. I used the knife multiple times daily to check mines, booby traps, food, breaching etc.

I would love a Raider bowie to put on my mantle. The Expendables version is coolest I have seen I am guessing Hibben made it because it's a Stallone film. Hope you don't mind the history.
Off the top of my head you missed the knives in Predator. Though it was tv and not a movie James West’s boot knife was pretty cool.
Perhaps an oversight, but in my opinion, this conversation must in some way include the movie knives of Jack Crain in Commando and Predator. Many of the shots in the movie gave special attention to these blades and today they are also quite sought after by collectors.
Finished my version of the Tom Brown Tracker used in the Hunted and gave it as a Christmas present