Dem bill would prohibit civilians from purchasing, possessing Level III body armor


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New York Democratic Congresswoman Grace Meng wants to make it easier for criminals to shoot you. Meng has reintroduced legislation – for the third time – that would ban civilian body armor if it can defeat rifle ammunition.

Meng’s bill, H.R. 3247, which is titled the “Aaron Salter, Jr., Responsible Body Armor Possession Act,” would ban the “purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians.”

The bill defines enhanced body armor as having the ballistic resistance that meets or exceeds Level III standards as defined by the National Institute of Justice. Level III and Level IV are designed to stop rifle rounds. The legislation would also ban helmets and ballistic shields if they are Level III or greater.

His royal fatness Prickster already banned vests in Illinois. Remember this when that fascist runs for president.

Only if you're a felon.

This bill hasn't passed yet has it ?