Does anyone....


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Do fire lapping to maintain the accuracy of their firearms? I can't say I do but may certainly consider it after this lesson in school.

No, I do not
1000000 theories on why you should.
Just as many on why you should not.

In my opinion, it is based on barrel manufacturers.
I could be and possibly I am naive to think the high quality reputation and name of the firearms I buy, they have the utmost quality. In their barrels.

Had a police firearms expert and sniper instructor show me the pro’s of why one should. My rifle shot as good and better with him firing it than his techniques with his rifle/barrel as described .

Long story short. It may be necessary step, but far less common as believed.

Guess I sound like, CNN , FoxNews and Oral Roberts all in one 😆😉


How many members here own a bore scope and use it to determine whether or not electropolishing or fire lapping would be needed?

Before I'd consider an electropolish or fire lap I'd use a bore scope for a better look down the barrel in order to determine if there was an obvious issue for which this technique would be a reasonable remedy. The article may have expressed this, but I wasn't able to read it in entirety. :)



You get on a true nothing but bench rest shooting forum, you’ll find several guys do this. Not as invasive as it sounds but these guys like the results they get. I personally would have to have a reason, almost shoot for a living maybe even have some accuracy issues with my rifle as I do enjoy stuff like this and want the most out of my firearms.