for those with a little extra cash lying around

KillerFord1977 said:
Being a UK company, @SimonRL has one of each. Though they constantly break down like all British vehicles do

Funny I had a MGB back in the day 1979 I think it lasted my 10 years
yes, in my garage, i'd tell the person i did NOT want as a customer to go to hell with a Brits car.

they were troublesome with electrical and fuel issues....

how many garages did you have to go to, to get it maintained???

i'd tell people i did NOT want as a customer, to go to hell with a French car, (Peugeot, Citroen, Renault) same thing......

"this is an American garage, not some damn foreign car shop"

parts were atrocious to obtain, information on specs were nearly non-existent, Garage shop manuals were outrageously expensive, and hard to get a hold of.