Holosun EPS Carry Review

I may be wrong, but doesn’t the OEM RMSc adapter plate from Holosun that ships with the EPS Carry work on the Hellcat?

I have the CH Precision plate on my Hellcat with a 507K, so I’m not against their stuff, but I didn’t think a 3rd party plate was needed for the EPS Carry.
As I've mentioned before I recently mounted an EPS on my ATEI RMR cut M&P slide. Only problem was the adapter plate screws were 6-32 and I needed 6-40's to screw into the slide. Finally found the screws, problem solved. I fired close to 200 rounds Monday and I couldn't be more pleased. I have 3 other M&P's with Trijicon rmr's & sro's. These red dots are very good but the Holosun EPS is as good and maybe a little better. The shake to wake feature is my favorite.