How old and which one.....


So sorry to hear this papadan. I think it was just last night or night before last I was wondering about you .... went to look and saw you were here last on Sat afternoon IIRC. Didn't think too much of it after that, seemed a reasonably short amount of time. At any rate, get better quick and get back to the board regularly.

All the best !!!


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I was 23, had my first engineering job, and a co-worker was into competitive shooting, and talked to me about it a lot. I went out and bought a Ruger Mark II target pistol with a 5.5" bull barrel, which I still have, at the same LGS I still go to for their indoor range, ammo, etc. This was in 1989. I believe I paid something like $250 to $299 back then.

Right now the Ruger Mark II or a Marlin rifle are what I am most likely to be shooting at the range, until other ammo prices come down. I keep telling myself I am going to buy a Ruger Wrangler, but considering I have yet to finish the lowers for two AR-15's that I am building, probably not a good idea!