[How-To] Set Up a Ham Radio Shack with $1,000


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My uncle was a HAM radio operator for 40 years. In the last few years the advance in radios makes it much easier and cheaper to become a licensed operator. A friend of mine had a multi-band hand held radio and that coupled with being able to bounce off local towers and systems allowed him to talk to almost anywhere.


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That would be awesome to get a ham radio for the house and tower in the yard.
Actually you don't need a tower, the handheld is for the 2-meter band, great for local repeaters, on the HF radio, with some of todays radios, all you need is a end-fed antenna and your all set, here is a graph on the privileges from the ARRL and the classes of licenses you can get.

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Some good information on setting up a Ham radio shack for $1,000.00. But don't forget, you need a license to operate on any ham radio, if not, the fines can be very steep if caught.

Wish I could have done it that cheaply but bought more and more equipment over the years as I progressed, much like my firearms habit. The more capable and powerful they are, the more they cost! :)