I want to cry...

I'm sure he has his reasons for holding on to them. I wouldn't let it bother me.
No I know. He's not doing anything with them because isn't making ARs anymore but it's still a shame to see the barrels, the furniture, the completed guns themselves just sitting there collecting dust and rust.


A lot of people are holding on to everything they have and gathering more these days. There's no reason to think Les isn't doing the same thing. Either way, he isn't the only one who has that stuff. Unless you are pining to get a hold of it at a deep discount then you should go buy the stuff on your own. I assure you someone has the exact same stuff and will sell it to you. I wouldn't bring it up to him again unless it's worth it to you to possibly get fired.


It may be that your boss doesn't have the deep pockets that Remington had. He may see the AR product as a liability and believes a similar lawsuit would wipe him out. He's happy to stay in his lane and build high end 1911s and the anti-gun crowd leaves his product line alone. There are lots of gun owners who only collect high end stuff that doesn't include ARs. They may have thousands of dollars invested in collectable Colt 1911s, Lugers, Mausers, Holland & Holland shotguns and could care less if ARs were banned. It may be that your boss caters to the big spenders and doesn't want his image tarnished by the news media. All those parts sitting there may be an extremely sore subject. Could be he's waiting to see which way the wind blows. Either way I'd focus my energy on what he thinks is the right direction for the company.


Just finished my first week at LBC and he has AR parts just rusting and collecting dust... I asked Les if he'd sell and he said no! It's really good stuff too!
yeah, he may start to get the idea, that you are there to collect parts, and build something on your own, rather than to do your job.

keep the nose to the grindstone, ask no more about any "spare parts" you see.

it can also be a tax write off for him as well, if he let's them rust away then scraps them.
I would fire you for posting my shop business on the internet after being employed only a week.
A wise fellow would keep his internet ramblings and his job compartmentalized.
I mean if you will post this after only a week no telling what you would be ok with telling after a year or two so i would just err on the side of caution and cut my losses now.
The last few years I owned my company I checked out everyone that applied for a job by checking out their social media presence. You gain alot more REAL insight into a persons character that way.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Courtview were my go to people checkers.
Im not saying you are a bad guy just some insight into how some employers think.
Stay in your lane would be my advice or you might be crying for real lol


I'm sure Woody is just venting his feelings among friends. He didn't make a nuisance of himself at work and I would be willing to bet that Les isn't scouring the internet looking at every small forum to see if he posted something about him. Especially since his username is not his real name. Plus it's not like he said anything bad about him. Cut Woody some slack.