Isreali-Hamas War

I don't know how the guys and gals on this forum feel about this war. I for one wish the US would stop telling Israel how to fight. Give them the weapons they need to win. I could go on and on, but I won't. I don't know if this post violates forum policy. If so I apologize.
its been spirited here...who the heck are we to tell Israel how to fight? etc.
i expect any day for joe to cave to his handlers and declare Israel is no longer a friend. its scary stuff
I have very strong opinions on this war so I need to recuse myself from commenting as it will most likely result in my removal from this forum.
I am not happy with Washington. Americans are held hostage and we are letting Israel do the work. I had Marine brothers die in Beirut in ’83 and we responded with the USS Iowa. We need to make it very clear to Hamas turn over the American hostages or prepare for action. We are the 300 pound guerrilla on the block and we need to act like it.
When the women were dragged away from the music concert, abused and filmed in the streets shortly thereafter, the western world should have kicked in the teeth of hamas and its allied forces/ handlers
10000000% agree and you were tactful in what we saw on live tv that was happening to the females of the one being dragged through the streets.
the image i have burned in my brain, will not escape me, it gives me great mental anguish among other things,
That one woman they drug out of the jeep like SUV and then tossed into the back seat , from my world EYE and seeing vile things that sub humans do to each other, i could tell from her pants and the stains that she she had been sexually assaulted over and over and in both areas. that alone should shut anyone up about even thinking about defending hamas or the people under their rule.
the small female children, we all know most likely what has happened to them as well as the older women
Bosnia and Herzegovina
saw equally despicable sub human behavior. assaulting the woman of the other clan to cleanse the clans is the most vile action anyone could ever do.
as long as i can remember from being in the arabian gulf region , is that QATAR plays both sides of the fence
it boils my blood how the leaders of hamas are sitting in qatar protected and qatar acts like some kind of negotiator
we as in the US and a few other more civilized countries should be max pressure on qatar to give up these leaders and physically isolate qatar from the world, financially, air, sea and land and stop all their oil exports.

take the hamas leadership to Israel and let them work out what needs to be done.
or we untie the hands of our great operators and take the hamas leaders by force to 30k feet and negotiate
no more wet sponges to a gun fight
Fun fact. In polling conducted AFTER the October 7 2023 TERROR attack by Hamas, 75% of the residents of Gaza and The West bank support Hamas. Fatah is in control of the west bank and they suspended elections because they were reasonably sure in an election Hamas would win and would then control the west bank as well.
Funny how the left claims the (R) party has been taken over by MAGA extremists when polling shows they are clearly a minority of the party, yet they want you to believe that Hamas does NOT represent Gazans or Palestinians in general.

I heard some audio the other day of a protest outside Rosalyn Carter's funeral where people were being interviewed and many, many of them were blathering on about how Hamas is not a terrorist organization and were completely justified in the rape and butchery of Israeli men, women and children on October 7.

This country is on the brink of something. What, it's hard to say, but I'm certain there's really no going back. It's gone way beyond people simply having friendly disagreements about politics. I do think the idiots ( on both sides) that we see on the TV and read about it the news every day are a minority, but you wouldn't know it by media accounts. And that perception has a dramatic and intentional effect on the population. They are intentionally divisive while accusing their political enemies of being divisive. Bad things are coming man.
The worst part is the pro Hamas college campuses.
those are very ignorant young people who have no idea on life, much less Hamas.

they were left to their own activities as kids, since mommy and daddy left them alone at home.

no direction, no truth, no fact from fiction, no punishment when they mucked up.

they will protest anything at anytime, just for the sake of protesting.

i personally say, ship them over there, and let them do all they want there instead of here.
and now the US support is wavering unless irsael can get rid of hamas faster and with less civilian casualties, i paraphrased

bassbob, you hit the nail head on.
guts tell me, powers that be want a weird ww3 or our gov will capitulate
frankly i am surprised we have not had a direct event our soil that shakes us like 9 11 ,
in the last year , more so in last few months