Keefe Report: On The Front Lines of the Ammo Shortage


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It is going to be a long while before things in the ammo scene get back to what we were used to. A long , long while.

Absolutely, if ever, considering the proposed extra taxes and licenses to purchase.

Regarding the article the causal factors are basically what we've already known about, so nothing new there.

It's a matter of a waiting game for the huge backlogs to be chipped away at as the demand constinues to be high, as well as the new stock prices are.

In my area NOS with the old prices are practically exhausted, and prices have climbed to a price-point that I won't go with. But I have enough to keep current at a lower-use level, while I may pick up good deals if I stumble on them.
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I just got an email from Jon at master gun works, he does custom 1911 work and was making quality defense ammunition. He said due to current situation he will no longer be manufacturing and selling ammunition. When I clicked on the further information I got this 404 doesn't exist! It's happening big time.


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Of course primers are diverted in ammo production over handloaders! There is a lot more money than just selling primers for the other hard workers! Give some of us something other than $2 9mm and 556! At least I'm not in that boat with a massive hole in the bottom!


I'm getting a little tired of all the ammo company CEO's talking about how hard everyone in the factory is working. I'm not listening to any more of the CEO's until they announce that they have given all of their production line workers a 20% raise, or the CEO is physically working at a press while giving the interview.