LabRadar Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar Chronograph


Does anyone check their reloads with a Chronograph? Are these easier than the old style ones?


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I've got an old Pact Model 1 that I've been using for about 25 years. When working up a new load, I want to find the best accuracy within a specific velocity range.
I'm sure that the newer chronographs are excellent and probably easier to use. But my old Pact still works just fine and I see no reason to change. ;)
It's an expensive chrono, but very easy to setup and use. Really handy, if you cannot go down range. When I first started reloading, before I joined a gun club, I used a public range, where one cannot go down range to set things up. The LabRadar was perfect.

With regards to reloading, it is common practice to start with a load that is on the low end for the powder (using manufacturer's recommendations) and bullet used, and then work up until you get the desired results, based on your application (e.g. power factor for competitive shooting, felt recoil, accuracy).

A chronograph will allow you to objectively measure your performance and help prevent you from straying into dangerous pressure levels. A very important tool. Not something you should rely on "by feel", IMHO.
I've had my LabRadar for about 2 years. Worth every penny ! Have used several models in the past, the Labradar beats them all for what I do with it. Alot of helpful accessories out there for it also.