if Bill Wilson bought the company, then he knows his "stuff" well enough to buy it.

i'll watch this video again, as well as any others. but cost may also be a factor in my self defense ammo purchasing.

and yeah i know what some will ask, "what's more important your wallet or your life"?

well for people like me on a pension and SS, BOTH........
Sometime back I mentioned how impressive Lehigh ammo was and someone didn't agree and said don't beleive the hype. Well hype it is not. Probably one of the dest defensive and hunting ammo available. Seems Wilson Combat agrees. Check out the link.

Lehigh Defense - Bill Wilson and Massad Ayoob discuss new bullet technology - Critical Mas ep 21
Very interesting video. Some of the same or similar technology seems to be used in the new NORMA self defense round, the NXD.


Haven't tried either WC Xtreme Defense (90gr) or the NORMA NXD (65gr), but hope to!
I load Underwood"Lehigh" Extreme Defenders in my short barrel carry guns like my Hellcat or G43 due to inconsistent hollow point performance in short barrels, and Federal HST or Speer Gold Dot in barrel lengths over 3.5in.
Wouldn’t touch ‘em.

I suspect Mr. Wilson just knows what will sell, and what makes money, and saw an opportunity.

And I bet they don’t stop selling their JHP line, either.
I'm sure they won't either. Limiting to just one choice really narrows your customer base, plus there are a number of very good JHP ammo out there. But I seriously doubt Wilson only saw an opportunity to make money, Bill Wilson has already made his fortune and his company has a reputation to maintain. And at some point that's a lot more important from a business point of view.