Long Range Shooting with Irons

Although I'd really like to be a proud owner of one of these fine rifles, it is unfortunately priced far out of my range these day's. My health too a huge hit in 2015 that left me disabled, I had to sell my Tikka made by Sako, in 300 Winchester mag, topped with a Burris 3x9x40, it preferred Winchester silver tip and soft tip powerpoints 180 grain and 200 grain, I had Micky moused at 1000 yards twice out of two times target shooting with it(I used it for deer hunting)out of 25 year's owning that rifle I only missed 1 deer, on a dead ass run right at me! Adrenaline was in overdrive!
Anyways (tears) I've never fired one of these but my father did while he served. I always wanted to shoot one, and when I saw Springfield had one I really wanted to shoot one! I've been a Springfield fan since I bought a 9mm XDM full size, insanely accurate! But unfortunately for me I'll never be able to afford any new toy's. So I love to watch these videos y'all share and read your articles. Thanks for great products, and for actively writing and making vids!