M1A SOCOM vs Scout Squad


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Does anyone have some good, real world experience with both rifles? Does the 18" barrel on the Scout make much difference with accuracy at longer distances? I would prefer the blade front sight over the tritium on the SOCOM.
How much further are you going to shoot?? If you are going to just use the iron sights then there will not be enough difference to matter. One of the first things I changed on my Scout was putting a Tritium front sight on it, love it. I chose the Scout over the SOCOM because I like the feel (balance and handling) better. It has proven very deadly on deer this last season, it was great for walking out wood lines or waiting at a choke point while the woods were being walked.
Mid-range accuracy would be nice. I'll put a nice scope on it. Thanks for your perspective.
You thinking of a long eye relief / scout scope? I think the Scout Squad will be the way to go.
I think, between the two, you have to consider your area.

In mine the longer barrel makes a difference.

I also have heard the SOCOM has a substantial muzzle blast.