Mag springs, I am right, I think?

Well, about a month ago I decided to upgrade one of my Glock 19's. I bought the +2 extenders for my mags. I haven't shot them since but, wondered if the 15 round mags would have an issue with the 15 round springs, with the 17 round set up now? So I purchased a set of Wolff springs for 3 mags. They are called the extra strength springs for the Glock 17 mags. Look good, but I don't want to have issues. Any thoughts?


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You did the right thing-anytime your extending round count on a magazine it's a good idea to replace the springs with extra strength-the Glockstore lists the springs to use with +2 extensions.


I avoid after-market mag extenders for personal defense weapons. Adding 2 extra rounds to a 15 round mag by manipulating the OEM isn’t worth it IMO. The chances you will shoot 15 rounds in self defense is basically nil (2-4 based on statistics), and if you can’t solve the problem in 15 rounds, the last 2 aren’t magically going to do it. And, mind you, this is all at the cost of having your mag malfunction by using non-OEM parts. Just carry an extra 15 round OEM mag. If you aren’t using them for self-defense, you can still experience malfunctions, but at least it’s not a life or death situation. I have 12, 15, and 17 round OEM mags for my S&W.
I think I feel less confused now. These add on extenders are the ones that Glock uses on the 19X pistol magazines and the 33 round mags. Of course, the 19X is a 17 round mag. I just started with a 15 round mag. Thanks for the info.