Micro Compact (Hellcat) weapon mounted light list


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Good article, I have the C5L on my Hellcat Pro, fits and works great. Still can't find a holster for it, just the hellcat with the light, not the pro. Hope to be able to carry it one day, right now just a range gun.


I have equipped my guns with XSC lights and was fortunate enough to have a local holster maker make a holster for my wife's RDP and a shell for my Alien Gear holster. Alas, White Hat Holsters in Mansfield, TX is going out of business at the end of the month. I recommend scouring your local area for small holster makers and let them have the gun for a few days to use as a form. If that is not an option, consider a do it yourself project where you take a base backing like the AG or the Cross Breed, order some Kydex sheets on Amazon and form your own shell. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to get you started. You should be able to make a workable shell in one afternoon. Even if you don't get it perfect the first time, it is my experience that fine adjustments can be easily made with a heat gun and a sharp stick.

Below is a picture of my Alien Gear Cloak Tuck base with a XSC light and a RomeoZero red dot. White Hat Holsters did the shell. I wanted a tighter fit so I heated the middle of the shell with a heat gun and used a stick to press it in slightly. I was impressed with how easy it was to move Kydex around when warm.


I have taken an AG shell for a Sig M17 and modified it to fit an M17 Airsoft gun with a red dot. The Kydex cuts easily with a cut off wheel on a Dremel tool. You can use a sanding disk for a Dremel tool to remove the sharp edges.

What baffles me is why gun and accessory manufactures do not provide cheap injection molded forms to the major holster manufactures making it easy for them to provide safe carry options for the public.
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The XSC is a great light for the HC! I ordered the Vedder Light Tuck OSP version that fits the XSC


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