NEW SA -35


Master Class
My new Sa-35 arrived. They honored my request and they gave me a new one since my first one was defective. Now I gotta wait for LGS to open and make sure all paperwork is done up and if it wasn't for my migraine (blessed to suffer from these) I'd take it to the range. The serial number on this one is 96XXXX so hopefully the bugs are worked out. I'll follow up with a report as soon as I can get her out.


Master Class
25 yards with a mix of 115 grain Blazer Brass, Federal FMJ 124 grain and some Winchester Ranger 147 grain hollow points. Almost to the 500 round range with no malfunctions.


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Mine shoots low. It's like the front sight is too tall and I have to have the front sight dot basically on top of the rear. Windage is perfect and it has a nice tight group otherwise.