Non-Gun Hand Drills


So let me ask you all this question: If you are right-handed and right-eye dominant, and have to switch over to the left, do you also use your right eye or do you switch to the left? What is more proficient?
What's worked best for me is to cant the gun 15-20* over to the right. Shots fired this way will usually "fall out" to the right and low, but only an inch or two--still plenty good enough for "social work."


Ahh the Columbus method of typing.

Go out in search of a letter and land on it. With the best of efforts it's still often not the letter you intended to land on.

It's served me well for years.
And after particularly long reports my 2 pointers would be sore and tired. Don't know why I had to hit the keys so hard??? 🤣

No more though, I retired as did my pokers! I use a tapper now on my tablet lol.


Just be careful not to tilt too far over and go thug style

A classic, no-doubt!