Picking Up Chicks! 😜

After months of seeing chickens in all manor of outfits posted by one of our resident nut jobs who I'm not going to name.......🤖.

I've been inspired to build a chicken coop and get some chickens. So far I'm halfway through building the coop which I'm working on tomorrow and the hardware cloth will be in by next week. The baby chicks have arrived and I have 6 weeks before they can be put into the coop. Here are a few pics for those who maybe interested in getting your own flock to dress up😳........uh I mean get fresh eggs from.......yeah that's it fresh eggs...🤫.

In all seriousness my wife really wanted chickens so this was her mother's day gift but I have officially named one of the chickens @Annihilator he's the one in the lower pic with the chipmunk markings.View attachment 6771View attachment 6772
they're so cuteeeee!!


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Just a nugget not breaded and fried yet.
But soon, very very soon. 🫣🤦‍♂️😂😂😂