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Thats the trouble with forums and the Internet in general, while you can see what someone has said but now how it was meant to be said,so sometimes things are taken out of context,and without meaning it its how bad feeling and arguments start
There was no taking the person who got bounced out of context as he was literally spewing obscenities at other members who were initially trying to respectfully answer his question.

My guess is the guy was either a troll or total psychopath.
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Well, I'd really like to know who it was so that I could decide for myself which it was. Don't care what went down, that's already been addressed, and rightfully so, so thanks to the mods. I'd still appreciate knowing who it was......


Wow ... it's like stopping at your local watering hole and finding out all the excitement was the day before! 🤪
The best way to discourage this type of behavior is not to respond to their posts in any way. Just hit the "report" and "ignore" buttons and the trolls will move on in frustration when they don't get any responses. Let the Moderators deal with them. Just my opinion.


In the early days of the prepping craze, 2009-2014 or so, TEOTWAWKI was on every prepper’s mind — The End Of The World As We Know It.
I had to look it up....

From a post in 2008

Posted: 3/25/2008 2:52:59 PM EST

Gunkid was well......a psycho. He was interested in survival after TEOTWAKI. This is not an unhealthy interest, unless you happen to be Gunkid.