Saint pistol

Bought a 16” Saint with the B5 furniture on GB just after Thanksgiving. Got a price all-in that was a couple of hundred less than I. could buy it locally. Had the gun inside a week. Seller was a legit high-end range/LGS in PA. Totally happy with the experience. I see Saint Pistols all the time locally (North Texas) but they go as fast as they get them on display.
Do your homework on the seller of a potential item you are interested in on there as not to get screwed over. Just like ebay you could get ripped off pretty easily without any protection if you deal with the wrong seller.

Usually if a deal looks too good to be true it probably isn't true.
No problems dealing with established LGS's/Large outfits like Reeds, but dealing with private individuals doing things on their end can be problematic sometimes.
I also recently purchased a 16" Saint using GunBroker. Similar to what others have said, I made sure I was working with an established dealer. I also got mine at a good price. Admittedly, I "lost" several auctions prior to finally winning due to refusing to overspend. The FFL process worked well also using my local dealer in North Texas. I've also purchased ammo successfully using GunBroker. Same rules...established dealer and sticking to my max price.
I almost feel guilty of the sin of coveting this firearm, except that I am willing to pay the manufacturer if they finally produce one and are willing to sell it to me. Is it a sin, or a lesser sin, to desire to possess one? I want it because of the power and convenience it offers in a Mission Oriented Urban Terrain (MOUT) situation.
I am retired military with a lot of experience with a lot of small arms and even crew served firearms. I am a former tanker and value the SBR for the maneuvariability in cramped quarters. Nothing will ever match the thrill of firing the 120mm M1A1 main gun, but the ammunition cost is prohibitive. This little cannon just might suffice.