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There are a few thing that come to mind with these grandiose budget cutting ideas that all culminate from California.

First, it’s a obvious result of defunding efforts. They don’t have enough LEO’s to respond to the multitude of calls for service. Yes, many calls are of civil nature, simple spats and as the kids like to say disrespectin’. These often escalate when either party feels now they have someone ‘on their side’ to settle a dispute à la de-declaration techniques from a fancy book-learning community social worker...who will likely call for help after the first five minutes.

Police depts are systemically defunded by the new trend of allowing citizen advisory boards and accountability panels. Nobody wants to be the police when the amount of frivolous oversight and discipline is determined by ignorant activists. These citizen activist groups are being funded with monies that were once part of LE budgets that are seeing a record number retirements or separations.

Just another big government drain on revenue and window dressing for the elected pol to claim theyre doing something.

California had their chances to rid their wicked elected, from the governor, district attorneys and mayors. Each one of these anti-police activists all were either re-elected or retained after recall. The suspicion of the vote counting irregularities and legitamcy of voter rolls were quickly dismissed.

California has one twisted and bastardized judicial system - again, modeled and copied by many large democrat run cites across the nation. To wit;
A citizen gets clocked in the noggin with a hammer by a nut who was allowed inside by the resident gets put away in jail for what… 4 months now, and maybe even longer as trial is still pending. Contrast that to the recent shooting death of a Selma (CA) Police Officer where a convicted felon that was released after a mere 5 months of a very lenient 5 1/2 yr sentencing guideline for weapons, robbery and drug charges, was allowed to carry on his violent antics. All on behalf of the bs political pandering justice reform policy of earned credit/early release. Issues supported by CA, NY, NJ, IL and mostly the WH occupant.


I swear you can't make this stuff up.

Looks like LAPD will be in the market for some recliners for their officers since that won't be doing anything.

I swear you can't make this stuff up.

So here’s a serious question I have based on that article……..

What kind of… and how much…. Training is going to be given to the individual who takes the call for service and then is tasked to determining what call gets the armed officer and what call doesn’t.

It goes without saying how any call for service can go from simple interdiction offering mental health services to a very bad situation quickly.
Unfortunately sign of times. 🙁



I saw this just this morning. Maybe these guys were paying more than the county for guns?

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It's amazing that gun violence virtue signalers can't see the fact that these bleeding heart solutions don't work. Do they really think a violent criminal will give up a good working firearm for a couple of bills?

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Well, I think this is exactly what needs to happen.
Once this is put into place, it will take a few years for the data to compile and become available. The employees will dwindle in numbers as individuals walk off the job for being placed in dangerous situations that the POLICE should be handling. The unarmed responders will inevitably call the POLICE on almost every call they respond to. Then no one will apply to be an unarmed responder, because of the dangerous situations that quickly escalate that POLICE officers usually deal with. The financial cost of the program will be astronomical between pay, and benefits per unarmed responders. Literally costing millions of dollars for a program that simply will not work.

The unarmed responders will be subject to hostile and violent situations without the presence of POLICE protection. No matter how the call comes into dispatch, that does not determine the intent and mindset of the parties involved. As well as how quickly things can escalate into a really bad scenario. I would hope that before any of these possibilities occur, that they decide to simply let the POLICE do their jobs.