Self defense ammunition.

I break a gun in on FMJ range ammo but I also shoot at least 50 rounds of my carry ammo . I bought a Kel-tec PF9 once that shot anything I put in it without complaint. Then I decided I wanted to switch to Gold dots. Went to the range with my new carry ammo and tried it out. First mag full .... shot 3 rounds and nothing . Pulled the mag and the bullets were nose down in the mag . Smacked the mag and they popped back into place. reinserted the mag , fired 2 rounds and the same thing happened. It didn't matter which of the 5 mags I had with me were used , the same results every time.

I tried some more FMJs and no problems. Well I got the old carry ammo out and had no problems. It just wouldn't cycle the Gold dots for some reason. I always make sure my firearm will eat the carry ammo.
I wouldn't buy Kriss extended mag then.


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PDX-1 45acp and 9mm . I've run it for years and years . Never had a problem .
In the accuracy department It scores very high .


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Ok, NOT ME! And that’s the truth, I purchased a couple of Kahr pistols I think they recommended a 500 round break in period before you bet your life on one. My opinion is 50 to 100 rounds of practice ammo and then 25 rounds of the actual carry ammo, clean the gun and reload. Maybe there is a kickback scheme with ammo manufacturers, but I know that is not true. My first LEO job I was on duty with a revolver that I didn’t shoot for three months. Another LEO job when we converted over to the Glock 17 we were just issued them and told to get to the range next week for weapon familiarization and to stay until you qualify. So we carried on duty for five to ten days with a brand new Glock that had only been test fired at the factory, maybe, they do that right? Are you really going to spend almost as much money on the carry ammo as you just invested in the gun? A pistol or revolver is a mechanical device, they can break and have manufacturing flaws, but if a 100 rounds does not prove it functions how far do you want to go? However, since I am a living breathing hipocrit (that’s why I go to church by the way) I would not carry a new 1911 until I had run 400 rounds through it.
I owned a PM9 several years back and remember it having an ammo testing requirement on it (I think it might have been 200 rounds?). I do remember it did hang up some until I hit their suggested round count.


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Any suggestions on a great defensive ammo in 45? Carrying a Springfield 3.8 compact.
I carry Winchester Ranger T 230gr as the defensive round in all of my .45's. I have never had an issue with this round for functionality, accuracy, or shootability. I also shoot 230gr JHP for my range ammo and have no noticeable differences in performance. I only shoot the Ranger ammo about 2x-3x a year and the range ammo the rest of the time. Check the performance of this round on Lucky Gunner I find it to be pretty impressive.


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I'm ready for the scolding. I have fired thousands of the rounds that I carry. Because I load what I shoot, and I carry what I load.
As a reloader you have no idea how much factory ammo I have been given to take and deactivate that FTF. It's a lot. All kinds. Not the already known crap, but brand named ammo. I too have had ammo that FTF fresh out of the box. Wrote here about my Hornady 454 cartridges that were awful. Come to find out they were not for civilian use.
I like ammo that goes bang when I squeeze the trigger. I check and recheck mine. I load a hundred, fire 80 and if all is well the remaining 20 are my carry. Month later I try to replace. Have never had carry's that are being replaced FTF.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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Some ammo will have problems with feed ramps on some guns. Avoid plastic or rubber tip handgun rounds, I've heard a lot of stories about how they fail to chamber because they get stuck. I've tried some 50 different defensive rounds in 10mm and 9mm. Nothing weird to report. Even the RIP ammo worked without issue on 10mm, haven't tried 9mm yet, but I have two boxes in the vault. Let me expand a bit, I do recall one that gave me issue, and that was Detroit ammunition that was subsonic 10mm, Had a couple of fail to eject. Might be different with a suppressor. I don't have a 10mm with a threaded barrel, so I couldn't test it out.