Smith Enterprise PN 2008: M14 Extended Scope Mount

Hi folks,

I've found the Smith Enterprise 7-inch extended scope mount for the M1A/M14:

I can't seem to find the length of any of the standard sized mounts, neither Sadlak nor A.R.M.S nor SA.

Would you fellas mind breaking out your rulers and measuring for me?

And anyone's experiences with the Smith Enterprise mount would be interesting too.


SADLAK Scope Mount, Steel (140011)

DIMENSIONS - 5.5" Length x 1.25" Width x 2.5" Height. DURABILITY - The Picatinny-style rail is machined to Mil. Spec 1913 and provides universal scope mounting. QUALITY MATERIAL - The steel mounts are made from stress-relieved 4142 bar stock with a hardness of 28-32 RC.

The Aluminum mount has the same specs other than weight. Standard ARMS and Smith Enterprise mounts should be in the same ball-park length wise.

So you're getting 1.5" more rail length.

I don't know why Smith Enterprises says its for use for extra large diameter optics since ring height is the key factor, and the M1A has a really high inherent mount height based on the receiver design. Extra rail length gives you extra fore-aft mounting flexibility for eye relief, and mounting the fore-aft scope rings on the design of the scope tube.

The real ring height issue is having barely enough rear sight/scope eyepiece bell clearance.

Nonetheless, an add-on cheek=rest is often needed to get a proper cheek weld due to the mount height and drop in the stock's comb.

I have one Smith Enterprise mount, as well as ARMS and Sadlacks', and all are solid.

My .02