Summer carry

I am almost always in a Hawaiian shirt in the summer

I am almost always in a Hawaiian shirt in the summer

I live in Colorado Springs. It rarely gets above 85° here.

It wasn't a plan but all of my clothes are cotton. The only exception to that is I went down to the Surplus Store and bought five pairs of the new moisture wicking issue t-shirts for two bucks each. Since I'm always wearing an outer shirt I cut the sleeves off them for better ventilation. I notice the difference when I'm wearing those under my outer shirt.

I dress the same way all year. Wrangler cargos, Tee Shirt and a Camp shirt over it. If it gets really hot I switch Wrangler shorts for the Wrangler pants.

You could throw a rock in this town and you're going to hit somebody who's dressed just like I am.

I love Hawaiian shirts But I didn't own any for the longest time Because I noticed that whenever I wore one I was the only person wearing one and people felt the need to comment.


I bought this one as a reward for significant weight loss. If I reach my Goal weight (220) I'll buy another. Hilo Hattie's Cotton
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