Top Tips To Secure Your Neighborhood


Thanks for sharing we live on a court I been on this court for about 40 years this is old school but it works for us at least three houses on the court we have each other’s house keys . We watch each other’s pets when we gone and if we happen to leave a light in Stove etc people usually has us cover . We are very lucky it works for us yes I am the old guy on the block that kicksss and ask questions later ha ha ha
When I was married and living in Connecticut we lived on a dead end street, for the most part we all knew each other and watched over each other’s property. We even had a few block parties. The downside was during the last blizzard we went through living there we were the last street to be cleared because we were not a thoroughfare to other streets.


I have known most of my neighbors for 20 plus years. There is a network of cameras from the only road in, past my house and nearly to the dead end. You don’t get in my neighborhood without me knowing about it.