What do you currently use for EDC

I have been looking at this one for some time. I like the weight and it’s 9mm. Since you own it, what do you think?
When I selected the EMP Contour my intent was to find an option for EDC that I didn't feel the need to modify in some way. I wanted a reliable workhorse. I've had it for a while now and feel like I made a solid choice. It fits my grip comfortably and it's also incredibly smooth to shoot...100+ rounds each trip to the range with no fatigue. It wasn't easy for me to find originally. I like to see them in person if possible before buying and I found mine at RifleGear in DFW. I actually saw one at a Cabela's a few weeks ago so maybe they're easier to find now.
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Now it's a Glock 32. Glock had a great offer for Vets from Memorial Day to Veteran's Day. As I really love the
357SIG round I got one. Now I can take the conversion out of my Glock 23 and put it back to 40cal.
Does it make anybody else a little nervous to put too much info on the internet? I hesitate sometimes, even when I would like to respond.
Actually somorris, I somewhat agree with you even though I've posted several pics of Guns I own and written about many others. I'm not on any social media platforms & this is the first forum that I've ever join to comment in. Like Matador replied, the government already knows a lot about "us" and easily can get more personal information without our knowledge or needing to gather our posting information we have been giving here so freely. Speaking strictly for myself, I just find this so enjoyable, discussing topics with my "comrades in arms" and hope that you will be comfortable in doing so also. But if not, no problem, just enjoy reading the topics here as I do on several other blogs that required either a google account, or some other account I feel leery of joining.
I have a slew of subcompacts that could be candidates for carry, but none will until I have sufficient range time with them. The ones that qualify and I currently do carry are S&W M&P Performance Center Shields in 9, 40 and 45, Shield 9mm 1.0 with Apex trigger installed, and my CZ Rami BD 9mm. I'm currently carrying the Rami, but have switched to the Shield 45 on occasion. Next in line get range time and potential carry, are the Sig P320 9sc, Sig P365 and SA Hellcat (which will also need a holster).
Just started carrying a P.C.Shield 9mm original..........I love the fiber optic sights....at 65yo they are really nice