I bought this M14NM Rifle from Springfield Armoury in April 1984. It was at Meriden Gun Store. One of their class three dealers/distributors. This Beauty was SAI’s Flagship Gun Since They Began Selling Rifles!! What happened to make such terrible changes to our favorite weapon that they Build and Sell?? My serial number is 036XXX.
The M1A Loaded is pretty close (Stock isn't listed as glass bedded)


I wonder if they had an Issue with Colt having the "National Match" trademark for the Gold Cup National Match 1911.
Colt also had a "Super Match" 1911, in 38 Super.
Both companies used those labels for years with no litigation issues.

SA discontinued the NM & SM fairly recently, and the days of both NM & SM being the "go-to" rifles in CMP Service rife competitions are long gone even though the CMP competitions still have sub-category matches for M1As and M1Gs.