Your go or most used powder?

Unique, 296/H110/N110 .... IMR 4896, N133, N140, N540. Choices are almost endless but I've used a lot of those.

Bullseye and Power Pistol not so much.

Is IMR 4064 really considered a low case capacity option? If so then I would think everything from Leverevolution down to H335 and some even lower might fall intonthat category for rifles.
Handguns I use W231, W296 and Unique. Rifles I use 4350, 4831SC and 4895. Also have about a dozen other cans of powder I have tried. Always seem to go back to the six basic powders.
Winchester Superlite has been discontinued for a number of years, but I got at least 20 lbs. when my doctor retired. I use it for 9 mm and .45 acp.
I also got the docs press, bullets, brass, primers besides a bunch of miscellaneous stuff.