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    If I make it, tomorrow

    I'm not far behind you. I got my reality check when I needed replacement glass for my Coleman lantern. The only place I could find it was at a "vintage" part supplier.
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    Winter changover

    I carry the same "gear" year round. I do tend to use an OWB holster more in winter as I typically have on a heavy shirt/sweatshirt/jacket or coat to conceal.
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    Fighting Off a Gun Grab: Do You Need a Fixed Blade Knife?

    When I bought mine, I bought the large model to fit my large hands. I recently became aware of the Illinois law (I live on the border of Iowa / Illinois) I will now be purchasing the smaller version.
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    Fighting Off a Gun Grab: Do You Need a Fixed Blade Knife?

    I carry a KBar TDI for this very reason.
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    An addition and a couple of upgrades. Springfield Hellcat carried in a Crossbreed Reckoning system. Leatherman Skeletool, Boker Kalashnikov, KBar TDI, Streamlight Microstream light, and a tactical pen (brand unknown....from Springfield Armory store). Added the KBar and upgraded the light and...
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    When will it stop?

    I have a friend who owns a bicycle shop. Some of the bike manufacturers are paring down the number of models offered due to supply chain and labor issues. They are only producing the top selling models. They claim their intent is to bring back these models once/if things settle out. Perhaps...
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    TLR light

    I just purchased the TLR -1 HL for my XD .45 compact. The 1000 lumens and momentary on switches were the deciding factors for me. To be fair...this is my home gun and not my EDC. If I were to carry it everyday, I likely would have opted for something a bit smaller.
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    Looking For an Ankle Holster

    I use the Crossbreed. To be fair, I only use it on long drives. It's comfortable and easy to reach from a sitting position.
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    5 Top Car Carry Options

    For longer drives, I use an ankle holster. Keeps things secure in case of an accident and easy to access the weapon.
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    Driving with a Handgun: Best Practices

    For round town trips, I just deal with a little discomfort with my EDC IWB holster. For all day trips, I use an ankle holster. Comfortable enough and easier to access than my IWB and seatbelt.
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    How Do I Carry Spare Ammo for My Hellcat? Specialized Mag Pouches

    I use the Crossbreed Reckoning System and love it. I've read negative reviews but it works great for me.
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    What knives do you daily carry?

    By no means high end but gets the job done.
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    Flashlight and pen need to be upgraded but I'm very happy with the rest.
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    What Does "Brandishing" a Gun Mean?

    Here's the definition in Iowa : (1) “Brandishing a dangerous weapon” means the display or exhibition of a dangerous weapon, with the intent to use, intimidate, or threaten another person without justification, or the actual use of the dangerous weapon in a manner which is intended to...
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    First Aid In the Field

    Pre pandemic, the Red Cross offered Wilderness First Aid Classes. My wife and I took the class and found it to be very informative.