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    What influenced you to purchase your first Springfield product?

    My family used to buy parts from them and later bought M1As from them. The first gun I bought was their first XDs in .45 ACP as I was into custom 1911s before they were. That XDs is still my serious carry gun, but I have added a Hellcat as a backup.
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    We Live in the New Age of Propaganda

    This should be a wake-up call if you don’t already know this… A recent poll was conducted by a national polling outfit. Names don't matter. They are all the same. This one was "YouGov”. Results to these questions asked of average people on the street. What percentage of the country is black...
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    Geneseo, Illinois,,, the home of Springfield Armory

    Another former Henry County resident here.
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    Canada PM proposes ban on AR’s and Pistols

    Sheep with no b@ll$ get what they deserve - eaten. I don't know what is in the water up there but they have no real men and apparently don't want any.
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    Allen West to Oust Lapierre?

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    The Venerable Beretta 21A Bobcat

    Soon after my mother turned 90 she started carrying the .25 ACP version.
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    My 10mm vs. a Mountain Lion

    I have killed two Western cougars in my time and both with a single action Ruger in .22WRM. (Both were treed and I was on horseback.) I also live in Illinois and have encountered both bobcats and bobcat tracks despite the IDOC's pronouncements regarding bobcats in Illinois. All of that said I...
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    How Many Magazines Do You Keep On Hand Per Gun?

    Mostly 10 per semi auto pistol. I have over 100 for my M1 Carbine. 12 Ruger 22WRM rotary magazines for my 77/22WRM All Weather Boat Paddle because I worry about them being discontinued My matching 77/22LR I only have 4 magazines for.
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    Preparing for the Unexpected — Self-Defense and Home Invasion

    I am a former Eagle Scout - be prepared. :cool:
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    Preparing for the Unexpected — Self-Defense and Home Invasion

    They would have trouble with our windows and sliding glass doors. It is part of the prep albeit somewhat expensive. The home is brick over concrete which is also expensive. Our exterior doors have steel mesh and are on steel reinforced frames set in concrete. Locks are Grade One commercial long...
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    Guns of Pop Culture: “Miami Vice” & the Bren Ten

    He also carried a Detonics Auto 9 as a backup.
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    Battle Tested: The M1 Carbine in WWII

    Springfield Armory used to offer them. Currently, Fulton is the best choice for new commercial ones.
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    8 Top Micro 9mm Pistols

    My wife's primary carry is a Boberg which is the earlier iteration of the Bond Arms Bullpup and she loves it. She has carried it since it was offered for sale and has 1000s of rounds through it with no problems. I had originally bought it as as backup piece to my SA XDs in .45 ACP and she...