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    How Much Ammo Should I Carry?

    I've been carrying a 1911 with a seven shot mag and one spare mag for a few months and have felt pretty protected. But, I guess more ammo is always better!
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    Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather

    Really good read... I've been wanting to pick up a new rig for my 1911 I bought, and I think this might be worth a close look. Anybody else have any experience with them?
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    Introducing "The Armory Life Presents: Hellcat" digital magazine

    I love this "magazine"! Great job on it. I like seeing focused content like this. Keep 'em coming!
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    Bridget’s 10mm vs. a Bear

    Bridget, I really enjoy these articles by you. Thanks so much for sharing, and glad that you stayed safe! I bet you face a lot of dangers out there, so I am glad to see that you are armed and know how to use it.
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    Emergency Food Storage.

    i second that question.... i've been wanting to invest in this myself but don't know much about it.
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    Quiet Night on The Forum

    caught me lurking too!
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    Recommended holster for Hellcat appendix CC?

    TAL had an article on the Crossbreed. https://www.thearmorylife.com/crossbreed-reckoning-hellcat-holster/ I'm not really an appendix carry guy, but this one seems to be able work well in that role.
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    Saint Edge PDW cost?

    If I remember correctly from the videos on it from SHOT, its going to cost $1,699. But, I bet actual price will be lower than that. Seems like an amazing deal even at full price — I want one as well!
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    3.8 inch Hellcat to soon be released?!

    That's right, I forgot about that in that piece. Now I want one! Wonder if Springfield might build one like this at some point? Fingers crossed....
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    3.8 inch Hellcat to soon be released?!

    It looks like Springfield did have a 3.8 in the works, but not a Hellcat. The new XD-M Elite 3.8 looks like an amazing CCW gun. I'll admit the grip is a bit long, but with 20+1 capacity it might be worth overlooking. It would be really cool if you could get one with a 4.5" slide and a...
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    Hellcat Size

    Were you able to get a red dot yet? I've been seeing a lot of really good reviews of the Shield ones, but man are they expensive!!
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    Five Easy Home Remedies

    This is really interesting. I had no idea that things as simple as peppermint tea can be so helpful.
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    When Facts Don’t Matter

    I've made sure my kids know right and wrong, and how important our rights are....
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    Awesome slow-motion PDW video from SHOT Show

    Wow! That looks really cool! I can't wait to get one of those PDW guns. I wonder what the velocity is out of those really short barrels with 556....
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    Funniest movie you've ever seen?

    Not a good movie, but there is one part in The Rundown that makes me laugh every time I think about it!!!