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    Saint Victor PDW 5.5 556

    In for the info.
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    Top 5 M1A Stock Systems

    The Blackfeather RS is very beautiful and is probably one of the best and most versatile options one could get for an M14/M1A. I really wanted one but ended up getting the Vltor M1S Gen2 from Optics Planet on a good sale with a discount code. I have no regrets thus far. It's Lightweight, rigid...
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    Review: SAINT Edge ATC

    Wow Springfield and SIG have really put the hurt on my bank account lately. This looks to be an amazing rifle.
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    What Is A Recce Rifle?

    Good read.
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    Saint .308 Strikes again

    Sweet setup. I always enjoy reading your posts! You really put your Saint308 to work!
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    Victor or edge rifle

    The lower, ambi-selector, the trigger, the charging handle. You get way more value with the edge line but the Victor's are more than good enough.
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    Victor or edge rifle

    The Saint Edge 10.3" Pistol is very adequate for 450yd or below engagements. There is also a Saint Edge Rifle and a PDW and EVAC model. Correct me if I am wrong but did they stop manufacturing the Edge Rifle? It still on the website...
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    Saint Victor PDW - Fact or fiction ?

    Anyone chronograph the muzzle velocity of this little AR with any loads yet?
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    And yet another issue with my .308 - I'm getting beyond fed up

    The 716I is great but definitely built for a different purpose and you can feel it. I'm glad your SAINT is working now. Keep it and run it hard. It should only get better.
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    And yet another issue with my .308 - I'm getting beyond fed up

    Glad your gun works. Keep it! Also buy a 716I too. I saw that sweet 716I in the pic. If you tried it what did you think?
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    Saint Victor PDW - Fact or fiction ?

    Amazing. Grab a few Couplers just to try them out. Practice your mag changes and before you know it, voila! A nice start on a bad day!
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    Saint Victor PDW - Fact or fiction ?

    For the $25 price you pay to get it home you cannot go wrong. You bring 60/80rds of firepower at the ready in a smaller profile than a PMAG D60 (30rd PMAGs) for way less money. I bet you could have 4x 30rd PMAGs or 4x 40rd PMAGs and 2x Mag Couplers for the same price shipped as 1x PMAG D60. The...
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    Saint Victor PDW - Fact or fiction ?

    I finally had a chance to shoot my Victor PDW over the weekend and it did great. I only put 80rds of ADI 55gr Sierra BlitzKings through it to zero and familiarize myself to the PDW way of life. I zeroed a Holosun HE508T and BUIS @ 36yds and 15rds later I then transitioned to a small steel...
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    Let's see your AR setups...

    The Maxim PDW brace. The Saint Victor PDW is very similar to the Edge PDW and uses the same brace and bolt combo. The difference is it does not have the Edge billet lower, trigger, sights and BCM Gunfighter charging handle. Other than that same gun.
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    Saint Victor PDW - Fact or fiction ?

    $1399.99 here https://grabagun.com/springfield-armory-saint-victor-pdw-5-56x45mm-nato-5-5-barrel-20-rounds.html I purchased one from them for $1499 on the 9th of July. Fast shipping, great product delivered. Do it.