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    Springfield Ronin EMP 4 Failure to Feed

    For what it is wroth, I have had to run many many rounds of ball ammo through my EMP3. You can cheat a bit and get a smith to fluff/buff as I hear that helps the cause, but the EMP 3 had some issues with feeding due to the short ramp. I read some random stuff about springs and/mag but I never...
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    Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

    Cant go wrong with that…I wanted to love the wasp (pref the look and serrations), but I too went with the HS… 507k in green.
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    Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

    It’s tough for sure…its a good looking red dot that blends/looks good with the Hellcat. First gen growing pains…
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    Is Everything You Know About .40 Wrong?

    Chicagoan as well…been real interesting in this city.. even spilling to the burbs more than it should.
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    Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

    For what it is worth, they were pretty quick to send me a brand new one when it did die.
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    Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

    I ended up selling mine off. Ended up going green, and holosun. For the price point, and durability (although just going to believe the sage dynamics guy and his drop tests), the HS 407/507k has been great.
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    quality products. I have used them on Kahr to make 7 rounders 8. You have to admit their 12 round + 2 to make standard p365 sig 12 round mags 14 is pretty tempting. 14 rounds in the 12 round XL grip module
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    Romeo 1 Pro - X5 Legion - Mounting plate screws

    OH, 100% this is a far better community. People can be very high brow and mightier than thou.. It’s a great forum to pawn some stuff off though, or find those odd Sig Parts
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    Romeo 1 Pro - X5 Legion - Mounting plate screws

    Freaked me out :) I just saw your post on sig talk and got confused
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    Romeo 1 Pro - X5 Legion - Mounting plate screws

    I just pulled mine off an m18. It was crazy tight. I ended up using an L hex short side in screw and used long end for leverage. Took out then extractor spring and such that was blocking the other hole first. Then placed on its side and was able to loosen both using the same method on each...
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    Wasp or Romeo Zero?

    I dont have an XDM Elite, but you would think you would get some co witness with out suppress height sights. Wasp picture attached With rear sight notches.
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    Wasp or Romeo Zero?

    I think this would work for you if you wanted to scale down to a Wasp/Rmrc https://store.springfield-armory.com/Shop/pc/XD-M-OSP-Optics-Mounting-Plate-Leupold-Shield-292p2184.htm
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    CZ. If you want to go big the Cajun gun works setup is pretty awesome.
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    Ultimate Carry 9mm? XD-S Mod.2 OSP 4” 9mm

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    My next gun...

    Which Kahr? Admit I went through a few of them. Still have most of them.