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    Holosun HS507K using CHPWS adapter

    Don't know if these would add enough height or not. https://www.mountsplus.com/ameriglo-classic-tritium-springfield-hellcat-sight-sets.html
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    What is your favorite gun?

    The one I have with me when I need it ☑ Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    Hellcat OSP Optic choices

    Been very happy with my Sentinel. Ordered in October and delivery was about a week. Got the on all the time version. Mounted easily and sighted easy also. No issues. Since the Sentinel I've ordered a Justice and Liberty but haven't mounted them as having slides cut. Customer service has been...
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    HELP - Looking For Holster (Hellcat OSP, Laser/Light)

    The Streamlight site shows a TRL6 for the Hellcat.
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    Why I Was Wrong About Red Dots…

    Senior eyes love red dots. 7 of my handguns love am too. 💞👍
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    Recoil Reduction System

    Ok, thanks.
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    Recoil Reduction System

    I thought about that, but don't think I can install it. Glocks yes, hellcat, probably not. 😱
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    Recoil Reduction System

    Let us know how it works. My Hellcat wants to know 😉