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    Nice review thanks for the post
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    First Springfield

    Welcome from Louisiana and congratulations! I have a RO and an EMP 4 and love them both.
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    Ayoob: Is There a 9mm 1911 Problem?

    I have a Beretta 92S Italian MP model and wasn't a big fan of the trigger on that either. I replaced the trigger and springs and its now one of my favorites. Very smooth and very reliable. Had it about 10 years now without an issue.
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    Ayoob: Is There a 9mm 1911 Problem?

    Good article, thanks for the post. I have the EMP4 and use it for my EDC, and I love it!! Accurate, easy to control and a nice pair to my RO operator. I have been looking at a new Kimber for my next purchase, still undecided ATM.
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    Is it just me...

    Well I thought the faces would explain that the last part of that was in jest, but apparently not the case
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    Handgun Training session- Shoot n Move - Range report

    I would have to drive about 70 miles 1 way for a class like that sad to say, that's the bad part about living in the sticks. About to have a new indoor range within 25 miles, the first since Hurricane Katrina destroyed the last one in 2005. I shoot regularly at home, one of the good parts about...
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    Is it just me...

    I read a lot of these threads and not just here but on a few other boards. I see many people talk about selling a pistol or rifle that they like, to buy something else they think they will love. Now I completely understand not having the funds to always be able to make a new purchase, if my...
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    The Highwaymen: Telling it Straight on Bonnie and Clyde

    Thanks for the post! Good article.
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    This is what is wrong with many top lists.

    Lets be honest, what's wrong with the lists is that they are all based more on the opinion of the writer then anything. As most of us know, it is very subjective to many factors for each person. What works best for my small hands would not work as well for someone with large hands. That's why...
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    New member in Stillwater Ok

    Welcome from Louisiana! Keep shooting straight and safe.
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    Preparing for the Unexpected — Food, Water, Shelter

    Food rations don't have to be big package items. I have 5 or 6 pounds of dried beans, 10 lb. bag of rice, large box of oats. Takes less then 1/2 of a shelf for storage and with the few other items I have stored, I could feed my family for about a month. I also have the benefit of being close to...
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    My Heart Hurts 😢

    Sending out all of our best thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery.
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    I have a 1791 and its comfortable and very nice. I have switched to urban carry lockleather, because I like a bit more retention, to prevent anyone else from grabbing it out of the holster. Maybe me being paranoid but I am only paranoid because THEY are watching!! 😂😂 I also bookmarked the site...
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    Preparing for the Unexpected — Self-Defense and Home Invasion

    Absolute best alarm is the dogs. Nobody gets in without one of them shouting, 'hey dad get your rear end up'. Have my bedside pistol if I'm in a hurry, the AR or shotgun for a slower more 'effective' response if necessary. You can cut the power but can't shut the dogs off!
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    So I did this, this past week..

    Nicely done